Hey guys, I’ve been pondering making this post for a while. I finally did it. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want it to seem like a quick money fix until the end of time. Because it’s not.

It is however, a get money today plan as a stopgap for whenever necessary. These below methods I am going to go over have been researched thorough, and exhausted testimonials to make sure they are legitimate. Not all of them will work for you, and that’s OK!

Try until one sticks, and rock it to make some cash today!

  1. Uber

Do you want to set your own hours for making this extra cash? Yes? Well, then check out uber right now. Uber claims some of its drivers make up to $70,000 (potentially more) in dense cities like San Francisco and New York. However, upon further research into hours driven, costs of driving (tolls, wear and tear, fuel, Uber’s cut, etc), they definitely did not make remotely near that in.

This isn’t a sufficient lifestyle for most as a full time gig. When you account for hours driven (40 hours is where Uber claims the $70,000) and costs associated, then the TRUE hours a full time Uber driver accumulates, sometimes wages account to just minimum wage.

But, that is my point exactly here. This isn’t a pitch to drive Uber full time, I am setting you up to drive if you want to get the most instant success.

Here’s how you can make $400/week (on 16 hours driving) which accounts for driving during the peak hours of a Friday evening through a Saturday. Yes, just one full day’s driving can net you $400.00… if you do it right.

One Uber driver claims that after working 21 hours driving, he made $27.59 gross/hour. His expenses ran as follows to get him there: $60.00 gas, which accounts to $24.83 netted per hour driving after gas. Now, this doesn’t account for Uber’s 20% cut, or any other wear and tear or costs associated with the vehicle. You’ll know those numbers and can use this Uber driver’s numbers as a template.

With that said, how can you make that $400.00 from Friday to Saturday?

  1. Drive during the peak hours: Friday starting at 5 pm through Saturday night (sometimes into Sunday morning depending on the bar scene for where you live). Expect to average $15.00/hour after all expenses if you operate during these hours, especially in dense cities.
  2. Drive a car with decent enough fuel economy – however, don’t go buying one for this part time gig. Use what you have, but be smart about it by staying in the dense areas of your city. This keeps the distance down in most cases so you can allocate fuel to more stops.
  3. Use Waze to help you see where traffic is the most dense before you go driving, and when you pick up calls. In doing so, you know the roads to avoid already.
  4. Give GREAT service to add some cushion to your bottom line with tips. Such as, offer bottled water, have great conversation, and get the client to their destination fast.
  5. Uber has their own app of course that tells you where to go, but let’s be honest, it’s not the best for traffic. I was in Chicago for a weekend recently and took an Uber 10 different times and most did very well getting me to my end location quickly. But man, some were terrible and wasted serious time which was frustrating!

In essence, use Waze and your own judgement to get your passenger to their venue as timely as you can. This will maximize your opportunities to pick up more!

Does this sound good to you? Sign up to become a driver!

  1. Fiverr

Do you have a skill that think you can sell? Check out Fiverr where you can post your skill and people will buy it! You decided the price, but make sure to keep it reasonable for the quality and speed of your work!

There are 25 million projects completed to date, with a new one being started every 5 seconds world wide. Think you can do it? Most jobs are priced from $5-$995 AND you set your own hours.

Hint: About half of the total transactions are priced in the $10-$100 range. The thing about pricing this stuff out in the $5.00 + range is that it keeps you from pricing yourself out of jobs. If you want to sell the job a lot and it won’t take you much time and you’re happy making a bit less per sale to sell a lot more, then you can make a hefty income on the lower of the pricing spectrum.

Let’s say you’re a graphics designer and you’re pretty darn good at your job and you turn them around within 4 hours of the job being purchased, so you sell it for $40-$50. Do 3-4 of those a day and you’re making more than $100 A DAY (minus the 20% fee Fiverr takes from you per gig).

You can post virtually anything here that can be transferred via the internet. The possibilities are quite abundant. SO get on it!

Best practices:

Start low and build yourself up once you start selling yourself and building your brand.

This will help you get your first sales, some positive reviews, and inch yourself up as someone to buy from.

Want to give your freelance skills a shot? Get started TODAY!

Secondary option: Upwork

  1. Deliver groceries!

There is always a way where you can deliver groceries to the door of a customer of Shipt or Instacart. These two companies were created to bring groceries to your door. You can be a part of it and make money TODAY.

You can also shop online on these two websites as a customer rather than a driver, all you have to do is apply to be a “shopper” on either site and you are on your way.

You will be required to take a background check. Between the application process and the check, you’ll be ready to go very quickly.

You can make money shopping for someone or delivering groceries for someone on hours YOU set.

On average orders take 1 hour to complete, with you making up to $25.00 per order. Now, you can be picky with your orders because you have to accept them before you can go about completing them.

  1. Online Surveys

You can make some money taking online surveys if you’re really willing to spend the time to take them. Most surveys fall in the 30 minute range that I personally experienced. I average out to making less than $1.00/hour. However, you can totally make more than this if you take the online surveys on Swagbucks and run the Swagbucks TV passively in the background.

Hint: When running the TV in the background, have your device on wifi and charging as this will seriously drain your battery and data.

Second hint: Don’t go through the videos too fast, as Swagbucks will catch on and potentially not reward you any Swagbucks.

  1. Airbnb

Do you have an extra room in your house or an extra house ENTIRELY? Well, check out the comps in your area to see what you can rent out your room for. This is especially key when there are events in your area that are selling hotels out because you can make some serious money on your spare room doing so.

A great example, when this eclipse happened recently… the rooms were booked up 100% at hotels so the Airbnb locations started marking up their rooms to $1000s and THEY WERE SELLING!

Now, this isn’t something to set your hat on, but it comes to show the money you can make here.

Nonetheless, if you check out the comps on your room for the city you live in, and you see that they’re listing for $50+ a night and you’re comfortable listing your room… then why the heck not?

PS: Make sure to go through the proper channels to list on Airbnb. Such as:

Making sure you have sufficient insurance to cover this tenant (Airbnb does have a $1,000,00 host guarantee for accidental damage and Host Protection Insurance in case the tenant gets hurt or damages your property).

Check the laws for your city/state/country to make sure of what is required of you.

Airbnb takes 3% of your transaction.

Airbnb handles all payment which arrives 24 hours after your new guest checks in.

Do you want to start making money on your spare rooms or empty house? Get on it!

  1. Varage Sale (sell your junk)

Do you have stuff just lying around your place? I know I did before I sold a lot of my aged out baby stuff from my son.. and man the pile continues to pile after month after month. And guess what? I continue to sell it!

You can post anything new or used and set the price you want to sell it for. If someone wants to buy it they will message you what they’re willing to buy it for.

I sold most recently a lightly used baby bouncer in the shape of a VW Bug for $50.00. I bought it for $100 brand new, but at this point I was ecstatic to get anything out of it. I was paid cash same day and they came to my house and picked up the product.

Hint: If you’re not comfortable someone coming to your house, you can ABSOLUTELY set up a neutral location to do the pickup. Just make sure to have someone with you regardless for your safety.

Best practices:

If you would sell it at a garage sale, craigslist, or ebay, you can sell it here. Maybe not a car, but basically everything else!


7. Takl or Task Rabbit


Do you have some chores or tasks you’re up for doing? Maybe you’re really good at some on demand services Takl features. Well, check it out!

The registration has 6 steps to it.

Register with your information on the initial screen, then choose your skills among the 12 categories.

Then take the orientation and learn their app, provide the necessary identification to establish you are who you are.

After this you’ll need to provide your bank account information for payment… and lastly you’ll need to pass a background check.

Once all of that is finished you can get making money here doing the chores you want.

Basically, you’ll get to your home screen and see available tasks in your area that you can try to pick up. Once you get approved you go to work and get paid once the chore is done!

Takl handles all of the payments so you don’t have to worry about going after anyone for collections!

For a limited time you can get 10% off a chore if you happen to need to get one done!

Secondary option:

Task Rabbit


See which of these gives you the best opportunity to get making some money TODAY! I am confident that you’ll be making that extra cash on one of these methods right away.

Stay tuned for more ways you can make money!

If you found this helpful, please follow me for more as I research and find more methods for a better life and income streams for everyone!

PS: Check out my top audiobooks!


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