What have you failed at today? Yesterday?

Failing is important. Failing teaches us lessons and shows us what our next move should be.

When you say you failed, or someone calls you a failure, what are you thinking?

Let me tell you my perception of failing. Then I’ll tell you why failing is integral to succeeding.

I fail because failing grows me. Failing is an intentional move (most of the time) and as such is strategic.

When someone tells me that I have failed, or that I am a failure. I educate them on the negative connotation they may be linking failure with. I want you to know that when I fail, I am doing it as fast as possible, learning as much as possible, and using this experience to groom my next success.

Recently I wrote about why I let my business fail. In other words, I CHOSE to fail. It wasn’t working for me in the way I wanted it to, nor was it aligning with my goals. I identified the trajectory of this business in the best-case scenario, and it wasn’t sufficient for my goals in life. I LET it fail after learning this.

Success of my business was more detrimental to my well-being and advancement of my goals than failing.

When you fail, you want to make it as strategic a move as possible. Because, when you fail, you need to get back up and attack the next day.

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Remember, when you fail, you are simply learning a way with which you were unable to do something. Maybe there was a skill you did not yet possess. I promise you, if I failed once, and didn’t learn or adapt myself, I would fail at it again.

The more I fail, the more I learn about myself, my abilities, and where I need to grow. When I fail, I know that the next one could be around the corner and I am NOT afraid of going after it. I may fail again.

And you know what? That’s OK.

To me, it is ONLY acceptable to fail if you recognize that it is not for you, the timing isn’t right, or some other factor with which you can learn from. If you are failing due to laziness, lack of preparation, or something similar, then you need to recognize your contributions to this failure and grow to prevent them going forward.

In giving yourself permission to fail, you are giving yourself permission to succeed.

When failing you must look at the situation and think:

What can I gain from grinding forward and turning this failure to a success?

What can I do to fail faster to grow myself if it’s not working?

What LESSONS can I take from these failures that I could have done better or done differently?

How did my goals line up with this most recent failure when I started versus when I ultimately failed?

If your motives aren’t right going into your latest business venture or journey, then you will most definitely fail in one way or the other. We are all guilty of it. And that is where we must recognize it and fail as fast as possible to regain ourselves and get our minds right to go into the next one with the right motives, goals, passion, skills, and so forth.

I’m going to go back to the business I let fail. I started a commercial cleaning business to start this year off. And man, it was a big success. In the first month we landed our biggest account yet that gave us a over $30,000 in sales, netting $15,000 easily month over month. But you know what? My motives for creating this business were driven purely by money. I had literally no other reason why I did this. I did it for the wrong reason entirely, though. I HATED this business. I hated the time it consumed, I hated the stress, I hated everything about it. The money I made wasn’t even worth it because I didn’t see my family anymore, and because of how cleaning businesses generally go, if you as the owner aren’t micromanaging the cleaning crews and supervisors, the quality of work tends to dip off. In order for me to make it more of a success than it already was I would need to be there every night, all night, and continue adding accounts throughout the day. It wasn’t worth it when I looked at what my goals are. They haven’t changed, and had I done a business venture with my goals in mind, I never would have started this business. My number one goal is to start a business that would allow me more freedom with my time to work when I want, to allow me to have time with my family when I wanted.

I learned a hard lesson that started a business solely for the money wasn’t for me. My time is more important to me. I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

I happily failed.

Here is a list of wildly successful people who failed before they succeeded:

Seth Godin

Walt Disney

Thomas Edison

Michael Jordan

Steve Jobs

Oprah Winfrey

Tim Ferris

Colonel Sanders

Henry Ford


Are you ready to join this list? Then, my friend, get failing, because your success is around the corner. Break through your failures, pick up the pieces, and rock the success you have within!

Take the road less traveled and fail on.

I want to leave you with this question…

What have you failed at today?

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