Online surveys tested: Can you make money?

I always wondered if taking surveys online was truly a way of making money. You always see people talking about how much money they have made. I kept wondering, so I decided to find out for myself. I originally signed up for Ipsos i-Say and was unable to get an account setup with them. I ended up signing up with Swagbucks who as I researched further were highly recommended in the internet community and got to work. The set up was pretty straight forward, all I had to put in was my email and create a password.

Once I did that several options came up to “earn” Swagbucks right away, such as adding the Swagbutton, making Swagbucks the default search engine, taking a featured survey, explaining how I heard of Swagbucks, and any featured purchases or bonuses I could activate. Signing up cost me $0.00 in case you wondered!

You will be asked to check a box saying you will answer all surveys honestly. I checked the box as I wholly intended to be intentional and answer all questions honestly and thoroughly.

Afer you sign up, I recommend you go to the “Swagups” screen and check any of the items that will double your points or increase how quickly you can grow them. After I signed up I activated two Swagups, double points for my first 3 surveys, and double points on a Swagbucks search.

Last note before we get started: at the top of the screen there is a daily goal, once you reach the goal you will get a bonus Swagbuck allotment. It is usually 3-4 SB but is a free bonus for already taking surveys and earning. So why not??

A few things I am going to do through this test:

  • Attempt as many surveys as possible within my 1 hour allotment each day for 10 days.
  • Take the daily poll which will earn 1 SB each day
  • Document everything!
  • I will decide after the test is complete whether or not I made money, and if it is worth pursuing as a money making method online.
  • Document all of my attempts, time expended, averages, SB earned, and any other data I feel is relevant to giving you as much information as possible for this test.

What I will NOT do:

  • Activate the Swagbucks search engine
  • Watch videos
  • Play games
  • Any other income strategies on Swagbucks


Why? I want to provide you with an accurate depiction of what you can making taking surveys only. If at the end of this test I decide it is worth doing an additional test to see if the additional strategies are worth evaluating I will then mention that in my grade of the survey test and let you know how that goes!

Now it’s time to get started!

There is a daily 1 question poll I recommend you take as it takes no time and provides you with an easy 1 Swagbuck.

Survey time!

You’ll want to go to the left hand side of your screen and look for “Gold Surveys”. This is where you want to be to find the best surveys available for you to attempt, alongside any featured surveys that may be available at that time.

Side note: Before you can take the survey, you must first QUALIFY. The test to qualify can be quick and painless most times, but some take much longer than a couple of minutes.

If you qualify, you’ll be taken to the test itself and go along your way answering the questions to earn Swagbucks.

If you DON’T qualify, you are then brought back to the Gold Surveys screen and told you were given 1 SB for your time.

Once you’ve earned enough Swagbucks to redeem a prize you want, simply go to the left hand side and look for “Redeem your SB” and choose the prize you want.

Hint: You can only redeem 2 prizes per day.

Alright! Now onto the results of MY test!!

I tested 1 hour a day for 10 days.

My results? I earned 907 Swagbucks which amounts to roughly $9.07. My hourly average is $0.907 per hour, or $1.00 if you feel like rounding.

My experience with Swagbucks was bittersweet. Most surveys took me more than 10 minutes, while offering a variable amount of Swagbucks or “SB” as they call it. The most common result of my surveys was that I didn’t qualify and was given 1 SB as a result. The worst part was that most days I was disqualified from a minimum 2 surveys, while some being 3 or more. Once you are disqualified from 3-4 surveys, you stop getting the 1 SB. Which, let’s be honest, that 1 SB or $0.01 doesn’t change much.

The qualifying surveys varied in time and questions, while most seeming to take me 5-10 minutes, some more, some less. Questions varied from very little (10 or so) to way too many (50+ just to qualify!).

But what about the surveys themselves you might be wondering??

I had just a couple that took me less than 10 minutes, while most taking 15-20 on average, some even more.

I averaged less than 2 surveys per day over my 10-day test while averaging 3 disqualifications.

Get my daily results HERE !

The burning question… can you make money here??

In a short answer, YES, you can absolutely make money using Swagbucks. My question to you, however, is, what is your time worth in making money on this platform? For me, if I am averaging less than a dollar an hour, which I did, I definitely do NOT want to be spending any of my time here attempting surveys in exchange for pennies. However, you might have a free hour every day and choose to use it doing on online surveys which is absolutely great because you CAN make money here, it just takes time.




Because I was testing Swagbucks in just the survey format I was limited in what I was earning to whatever surveys the Swagbucks Gods would qualify me for.

In the end of the test, I redeemed my Swagbucks for 3 different $3.00 Amazon gift cards which are going to be emailed to me. When redeeming, keep in mind that you can only do 2 prize redemptions per day. Meaning, to redeem my $9.00 worth of gift cards it took me 2 days to do so.

I personally think there are better ways with which we can make money online than the survey method.

There are other methods with which you can increase your Swagbucks earned, though. You can set your browser to the Swagbucks “SwagButton” and get a 50 SB bonus right away. You will be alerted of websites you visit that Swagbucks offers deals on. In addition to this, as you search with the SwagButton you will earn additional PASSIVE Swagbucks.

UPDATE 8.25.17:

Since I started using the Swagbutton, I have averaged almost 100 SB a day in passive earnings just my using it as my search engine. Definitely something to recommend regardless of your intent to complete surveys.

Another very passive method of maximizing your Swagbucks earning potential is to watch the Swagbucks TV online or on the app. Most video packages offer 1-5 SB while taking 20-30 minutes. My recommendation is to do this on a device you aren’t using and just let it run for hours. I want you to only do this if data and battery life is not an issue, as this will drain both extensively.

I plan to test out more methods and show YOU what works!

Online Survey Experiment grade: I give this test a passing grade because I DID make money, but I recommend to use this method only when desperate.

On another note – merging the passive methods with taking surveys online will easily double your SB earned. If you want to sign up for Swagbucks, this is the best way to earn.

If you’re struggling with anything in particular – let me know and I’ll get it tested!

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