What is The Suck?

It was a warm summer Saturday night…

My wife just went into labor and we rushed into the hospital to welcome our new child. Hours later we welcome our magnificent baby boy to the world. We are full of joy and nothing else for making him and having our lives changed forever in taking care of him.

He looks up at me and wraps his hand around my pointer finger, and knows he is safe. I am his protector, his champion, his never-wavering rock.

For the next couple of days, I stayed home with my wife to help her take care of our new son. We welcomed him on a Saturday morning, and I stayed to help through Tuesday. Why did I only stay two days to help out with my new boy? My boss wouldn’t allow me more time off because his business was more important than my life changing new arrival.

I was forced into a circumstance, where, as my baby boy’s rock, I had a decision to make… stay at home to care for him, and jeopardize my job’s status or leave prematurely to ensure my family was financially supported.

This is my suck.

The suck to me, is anything that doesn’t inch you closer to your goals in life. My goals are to get more time with my family, and make money more efficiently to give me that time. When I can’t stay home with my brand new baby boy for two weeks  to help out, that is unacceptable, and is definitely The Suck. Family is important to me. A value that was instilled in me early as a child through being “raised” by a single mother struggling to be a mother to my brother and I, paired with a non-existent father.

From this point forward I knew what I had to do to get what I wanted. This is what spurs me to write about my Suck right here. I am going through it every day. I am trying to come up with strategies to make money to make time for me. We all go through it. I am going through it. Stuart is going through it. We are going to walk you through our strategies and experiments that might provide us the escape we are looking for.

Keep in touch, and stay tuned, we are going to map out what does and doesn’t work. When we do, execute and escape your Suck!

Stay classy, friends.

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