What is your time worth?

Let’s go back to the beginning. My brother and I grew up in a single parent household on the outskirts of Seattle. Our dad was a man who chose to not be around. Our mom was a woman who had chronic depression issues and nothing but time on her hands. And not in a good way. Throughout our childhood our mom channeled her inner abuser to emotionally attack us daily. But what was worse? Emotional abuse or a ghost of a dad?

Probably the abuser…

I tell you all of this because our parents didn’t make time for us, to raise us, to teach us. These parents were stuck in their Suck and couldn’t (or didn’t) do a thing about it.

I learned one big lesson from my parents, as many of us do. This one lesson was that in no way, shape, or form, did I wanted to let the Suck take my time away from what I wanted in life. It would not dictate my life.

So, what is “the Suck” you ask?

The suck is anything that is a negative impact on your life, those aspects of your life that take your time with little payoff, or things that aren’t acceptable to your goals in life. Even circumstances that make you lose your time-money trade-off.

You can find Stu and I’s further defined take on the Suck here.

These all suck don’t you think? Great! Glad you agree.

Now you know what the Suck is. Let’s look at our lives and think what the Suck? What is “the Suck” in your life? Let me walk you through my current Suck and why I started my journey to ESCAPE it.

What the Suck?!

That’s right. That’s what I’ve been saying through my struggles. My current Suck started in 2014 after I had just graduated college and was hired to run a janitorial supply company. I was taken on and thrown into the fire to get learning how to run the company. Some teaching occurred, but most was self-taught.

You are probably thinking that I lucked out or that you would love this opportunity..

And you aren’t necessarily wrong, depending what your goals are.

I was doing EVERYTHING, and I still am. This is a business that has forced me to do many tasks at the same time, which means I can’t do any of them as well I could individually with 100% effort (if you don’t believe me, read The One Thing – this book was of vast importance to me).

But let’s get back to what the Suck is for me real quick. I’ve been doing everything, working like a dog, and come 2015, my wife was coming due to have our son. Fast forward a few months and we have this beautiful little boy. Even though I’ve had this life changing little man, I didn’t have any time for him, myself, or my family. I had none before and I still don’t despite this massive change. My job wouldn’t allow me to take time off to be with my newborn son. From that point on, I decided to take any and all steps to Escape the Suck.

I have stayed with this company attempting to free more time up and to be more productive through implementing new processes and developing my staff to be more productive and self-sustaining in their work. This didn’t eliminate the Suck though (it may – but it hasn’t yet). As a new parent, time for my family was something I wasn’t willing to budge on. I knew I could make more than enough money while not giving up my time doing it my way.

A year later I started a commercial cleaning company with a big contract landed. Looking to Escape the Suck, I ran with it. Although, in hindsight I should have reviewed the business model much more thoroughly prior to securing this contract. This business required me to physically clean and be in the trenches in order for it to survive. I thought about the direction of this industry a bit more.. janitorial cleaning is a dying breed, before long it will be done almost entirely by robotics … decades down the road – but it’s coming!

I went from seeing my son 30 minutes a day to not seeing him for several days straight. What should I do? I go back to my goals in Escaping the Suck. Did this conflict with my goals? Absolutely! I started the process to shut down the business the second I answered that question.

Check out why I quit my business HERE for a breakdown and further analysis of this venture.

But what next? Where do I go from here?

My time-money trade off needs to align with my goals. If it doesn’t, then I escape it. If it does, then I attack it.

If there is one thing you take away from this, I want to question the things in your life that are “the Suck”. If you don’t know what that is just yet, that is perfectly fine. I will help guide you towards the discovery of your suck, and how to escape it.

Ask yourself:

What are my goals at my job or business?

What are my goals for my family?

Do they align with my current path?

What am I willing to do to make them align?

Is there something better I can do to get what I want?

How much time am I giving up and how much will I get in return?

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As you can see, time is the one constant. How much TIME are you giving up and what are you getting in return? Your return needs to be worth it to you. If it’s not, then a change is necessary. Your time is worth everything. The key here, is realizing where the suck is and figuring out how to get away from it. I have gone through the suck, heck I still am. I am escaping it with you. And we can do it. I have no doubts that if we start questioning what the suck is in our lives are, escape it(or them), and attack our goals, then we will get the results we want.

This is exactly why Stu and I created this blog. We are Escaping our current Suck, as you are or will be very soon. I want more than I am getting in my life, and I have the power to achieve it.

As I go through the steps in my Escape, I am going to document it all on this blog. Be it money-making tips or tests, productivity tips or life hacks that have helped me in my Escape, resources that I have used in my process, and even how I started this blog and brought it to where it is today.

I am going to show YOU everything I have done and will do!

For those of you are stuck in a rut, or are fearful of taking action and making the change you know you need to make. Follow us on our journey, and take tested (by us) action.




Share you story with me, every week we will be doing a featured Escape the Suck post from a submission to provide a fresh perspective on an Escape the Suck journey!


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I was hired into my father-in-law's janitorial supply company as the heir apparent, but, that never really got me excited. It paid the bills, and I learned more than I could ever imagine - but I wanted more.

In October of 2015 my son was born and I knew I had to do everything in my power, regardless of what it was, to provide myself and my family the time and financial support we all deserved.

Fast forward a little less than 2 years, and Escape The Suck was born. I put my foot down and said I was going to escape my job that was keeping my from my goals, and document my escape for the world to see. I felt if you can see my escape, then you, too, will be motivated to escape and get what you want in life.